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Looking for a writer, content creator or micro-influencer to help increase exposure and sales for your business?

Stephanie Linder currently specializes in creating content for brands wanting to reach the digital nomad, millennial and expat demographics. Having lived remotely and traveled for the last year throughout Central and South America, Stephanie has a pulse on the new generation of Millenials who are willing to take risks, live abroad and throw convention out the window.



Stephanie currently has over 3000+ followers throughout her social media channels and is a micro-influencer within the digital nomad, expat and Medellin, Colombia communities.

Social Media Channels



Examples of Stephanie Linder's Work

1.  Writer for - Medellin, Colombia's fastest growing website.


2.  Guest Co-Host on the Eggology Club Podcast (Season 1: Episodes 9 - 12)

Stephanie Linder and Valerie Landis (Creator of the Eggology Club Podcast) enjoying a beautiful summer day in Chicago after Episode 9.

3.  Blog Contributor and writer for diamonddog Strategic Marketing services - specializing in current business trends such as Harnessing the Power of Video Marketing and Maximizing Google AdWord campaigns. 

4. Blog contributor for Ova Egg Freezing Clinic discussing my personal journey through preserving my fertility through egg freezing 

Stephanie has experience tackling and writing about business, travel and social relevant topics like fertility and egg freezing.


5.  Founder of Blogging In Medellin Meetups - a monthly meetup with 40+ attendees where bloggers visiting or living in Medellin attend to collaborate, learn and grow their own blogs.  Each meeting focuses on a specific component of blogging such as SEO, videos and social media marketing.

6.  Stephanie's personal blog: Lost In Linderland where she talks about moving abroad, working remotely and living in Medellin, Colombia

If you are interested in working together, whether it be a paid or non-paid collaboration - please reach out! We are open to being creative and coming up with something that is mutually beneficial for our businesses.