/> The 7 Props You Need To Work Online With VIPKID The 7 Props You Need To Work Online With VIPKID

Teaching With VIP Kid: The 7 Props You Need To Get Started

I know a lot of us are super busy, so if you're just here to quickly learn about the props I consider essential to work online and teach English VIPKid - here they are!

  1. Headset
  2. A Background For Your Classroom 
  3. Dry Erase Board & Markers
  4. Puppets
  5. Funny Hats & Glasses
  6. Flashcards
  7. Floor Lamp

If you're interested to learn a bit more of the details, keep reading about my personal story and why I decided to work online and become an English teacher with VIPKid.

Because I teach with VIP Kid, I can work and live anywhere in the world. Here I am in Medellin, Colombia.

Before I started working with VIP Kid, I was actually a medical sales representative working the traditional corporate lifestyle in Chicago.  I quit that job in early 2017 to establish a working online while traveling based lifestyle.  While I also do freelance marketing, I wanted a second job that had flexibility, but was reliable and fit in with my schedule.  That's why I decided to start teaching part-time with VIP Kid.

VIPKID is an amazing option if you're looking to supplement income for another job.  It allows me to work online from the comforts of my home, live anywhere in the world and make between $20 - $22 US Dollars per hour.  You are also able to make your own hours and no classroom based teaching is required.  They do require a Bachelor's Degree and some experience in teaching - whether that's teaching new employees in the corporate world or in the classroom.

 Forbes recently confirmed that the business of learning English from a North American, in China, is valued at $4.5 billion dollars.  As a company, VIP Kid alone is valued at $1.5 billion at the time of publication.  To me, this gave VIPKid some credibility.


Using some of my props when teaching for VIPKid.

If you have not yet applied, but are interested in teaching with VIP Kid, please consider signing up with my referral link or use my referral code 04I7S8.  Referrals are a huge part of every VIP Kid teacher’s income and for each successful referral, teachers earn between $50 - $150.

Trust me – you’ll want to take advantage of this too once you become a teacher yourself!


Some teachers really go over the top with their props.  While I think that’s great, for my personal digital nomad and travel lifestyle, I keep it simple.  That’s why I’ve decided to share with you the only 7 things you need to start teaching with VIP Kid.

1) Headset

You must have a headset to teach with VIP Kid.   You can use your standard Iphone headset, however, during my initial interview I was told that by the interviewee that VIP Kid prefers headphones with a microphone similar to what is pictured below.  It’s truly up to you, but to be safe I recommend one of the following:


2) Classroom Background

It is important your virtual classroom look like a real classroom.  Parents are paying $18 - $20 per class so a certain level of professionalism is expected.  Many teachers have extensive backgrounds, but I prefer to keep it simple because I travel.  I found this amazing foldable map that I can hang with a few pushpins in my AirBnB apartment.  You can choose any background you'd like! Just make it colorful, educational and attention grabbing.  I've also see teachers get creative and use shower curtains or cute artwork. 

3) Dry Erase Board and Markers

A dry erase board is a must.  Although you have the ability to draw on the computer screen, a dry erase board is essential to further explain a subject to your student.  It also helps in a pinch if you are lacking a reward system for that day (draw one quickly) or need to capture a student’s attention in a unique, funny way (draw a silly face).

Don’t forget the markers!

4) Puppets

You never know what kind of mood your student may be in.  They could be hyper, shy or sleepy.  Some subjects are also difficult to explain.  For me, a puppet is the best solution to overcome these obstacles.  They are cute, cuddly and make the idea of asking a question/giving an answer easier to explain.  It also helps shy kids come out of their shell.

Bonus: Animals are a prominent theme within many VIPKid lessons, so choosing the following puppets will become useful in many situations.

5) Funny Hats/Glasses

Similar to #4, funny props capture student’s attention.  Remember: these students have normal school ALL day then come to you for ENGLISH LESSONS at night!  It can be exhausting for them.  Make your classroom fun.  Wear a funny hat.  Use a high-pitched voice while wearing goofy glasses.  Having these props is especially valuable when you start getting regulars and need variety.

6) Flashcards

 You’ll spend a lot of time teaching students how to pronounce each letter of the alphabet and how combining them makes a word.  These flashcards further emphasize the point and make explaining things like short “a” and short “c” just a tad bit easier.

Bonus if your flashcards have photos on them (like these) so the students can make a visual correlation.

7) Floor Lamp

The students need to see you right? Depending on how your room is set up, grab an old floor lamp for the basement or make sure you purchase one so the students can see your beautiful face during those (sometimes) early morning classes.

With these 7 items and less than an $100 investment, it is possible to have everything you need to become a full-fledged VIP Kid teacher.  Not a bad start up cost for an online job that allows you to work from home and teach adorable children!

If you have questions and want help during your interview, please consider using my referral link or email me at lostinlinderland@gmail.com.  I will happily answer your questions and guide you through the process ensuring ultimate VIP Kid success!




This is awesome! Sounds like a great job and you did all the research on what we need as well. Thanks!

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