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Do you love Medellin or Colombia as much as I do?  Check out this new Shop page to find some of my favorite and hilarious Medellin gear.

I Love My Paisa Wife T-Shirt

If you have a Paisa wife, you need to buy this t-shirt.  Earn those extra besos gentlemen.Ladies - we would never leave you out! Have a Paisa husband? Get your "I Love My Paisa Husband" shirt here.

Showcase Your Love For Avocados!

If you've lived in Medellin longer than 2.4 seconds, you've surely fallen in love (or have at least heard) your local AGUACATTTEEEE guy working the streets.  Showcase your love for this delicious superfood with this Te Amo Aguacate Sweater. 

Got Aguardiente? Hat 

If you havn't sipped on Aguardiente yet, stop reading this blog (YES RIGHT NOW) & go to your nearest grocery store or tienda.  Aguardiente literally means fire water.  You'll also see Aguardiente on many tables within the local Medellin bars, so if you want to be a real Paisa buy a bottle or this hat.

Aguardiente T-Shirt

Not much into hats but still want to represent fire water? Never fear.  The Aguardiente T-Shirt is here.


The Paisa T-Shirt

Keep it simple!  This shirt is for you.

Colombian Sombrero

While this hat is surely not the least expensive thing on the list, these types of sombreros are extremely popular with locals especially on the coast of Colombia.

Colombian Flag Sandals

Showcase your Colombian pride on those pretty feet with these sandals.

Old Parr Photos

You don't always have to showcase your Colombian pride by wearing the gear, show that you're a true drinker by hanging up a few Old Parr photos in your living room.  Your guests are sure to be impressed.


A Fan Of The Arepa?

We made sure we have you covered too with this T-Shirt. 

Obviously these are all slightly hilarious, cheesy gifts for yourself and others.  Buy a shirt.  Wear it.  Get a good chuckle - and let me know if you have any other gear to add to the list!

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**And although they contain affiliate links, I promise every penny goes back into making this blog better with extended content**