I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

I can share endless stories about attempting to, and sometimes creating, small businesses as a child.  It was a true love and passion of mine.  But life got in the way for a while.  Until 2017, when I decided it was time to take a leap of faith and quit my corporate job to create something of my own.  I'm in a place where I am once again feeling excited, passionate and ready to take on the world.  And I want to help others feel the same.

My sister and I in 1990, when my love for entrepreneurship began.

One of my main goals in starting this blog, was to share and inspire others showcasing that there isn't one way to success.  It's OK to defy the status quo and not follow the same path as everyone else.  Your path to success (however you define that) may look different and it should be celebrated.

From personal experience, I also know how helpful it is to see just one example of a person living out the dream that you have for yourself.  Just to get that one extra piece of advice, one extra tip or motivational quote.  If they can do it, why can't I?  One person can nudge you in the right direction and make all the difference.  Seeing one seemingly normal person, who went from a traditional desk job and is now running a successful fashion blog - can be a game changer.  I want to provide that platform that showcases bad-ass people who decided to leave the traditional 9 - 5 behind and start their own businesses ventures.  I plan to launch my first interview on September 1, 2017.  Please stay tuned and join my newsletter (on the right side of this page) in the meantime. I will be sure to update you on our progress.

Did you leave behind a "traditional" life or job, to create something extraordinary and follow a passion?  If so, please email me at lostinlinderland@gmail.com with your name, contact info, and bit about yourself.  I'm looking to showcase and interview women with amazing stories, who want to inspire others.  

Let's inspire each other and create something amazing!