Ask Me Anything About Medellin

Ask Me Anything About Medellin

I have received many questions (especially as a solo traveling female) about Medellin, Colombia.

Is Medellin Safe?  ||  What should I pack? ||  What is the weather like? || How Do I Make Friends?

I love helping people out when they are thinking about moving to Colombia.  I am proud to share information about a city I quickly fell in love with.

People DM me on Instagram and message me on Facebook asking these questions and more.  And as much as I love helping them out, I can't respond to every request as it impacts some of the other work that I do have.  But...

This is how ASK ME ANYTHING started.


ASK ME ANYTHING is where YOU schedule a 30 or 60-minute call for us together where you can ask me ANYTHING you want about moving or living in Medellin, Colombia.  Some of the most common topics include:

Safety | What To Wear | Dating | Transportation | Cost Of Living | Neighborhood Guide 

Schedule a 30 or 60-minute call with me and I'm happy to answer any and all of the questions you have, and talk about your specific situation.


-Piece of Mind

-Comfort Speaking To Someone Who Has Lived In Medellin For 1 Year

-Based on the discussion, I will follow up with an email recap and 5 resources that will also help you out based on the questions you ask or the information you need.

-I will be available via WhatsApp for any questions you may have for 30 days after our initial phone consultation.


30 Minutes - $39

60 Minutes - $69

Schedule Your Consultation By Clicking THIS BUTTON That Links Right To My Calendar.

You Will Be Required To Submit Payment 48 Hours Before The Call, Otherwise It Will Be Canceled.

Any Questions? Email Me At


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Look forward to speaking with you!

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