// Meet Stephanie Linder of Lost In Linderland //


It's Been 1 Year Since I Changed My Life

I have always loved travel and experiencing new things.  You know how some women always knew they wanted to be a Mom? I always knew I wanted to live abroad.  Born and raised in Chicago, I remember reaching a point thinking - I CAN NOT be the girl that's ALWAYS lived in Chicago.

It was too boring of a story.

In April 2017, I officially quit the corporate job, sold my things, and began a new adventure. I moved to to Medellin, Colombia with plans to travel long-term volunteering, networking and building some outline of a business.  Welp, 16 months later and I've spent 11 of those months in Medellin.   I've also salsa danced my face off in Cali, swam in the Atlantic outside of Lisbon and ate too many tacos in Mexico City.

And I'm just getting started.

As I update this today, I'm sitting in a cafe in Lisbon, Portugal.  I'd have no idea I would be here a few months ago.  The goal is to continue traveling, slowly, getting to know the culture and meeting amazing people along the way.


I couldn't be happier with my decision and life path.

I've been forced to learn a new language, have fallen in love with salsa dancing and met a whole slew of people who have inspired me more than you can imagine.  I'm starting to *really* build a freelance business and am *really* enjoying being creative.

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Want to see one of the reason's I love Colombia? Take a look at a video I made about my time spent doing one of my passions ... SALSA DANCING!