// Meet Stephanie Linder of Lost In Linderland //


It's Been 1 Year Since I Changed My Life


I am a born and raised Midwestern girl.  I grew up in Chicago and spent my 32 years of life there.

My adult career was spent in Medical Sales, specifically in fertility, which is why I choose to freeze my eggs 2 years ago.  But that's a story for another blog post.

Deep in my gut, I ALWAYS knew I wanted to live abroad.  I compare it to how some women know they want to be mothers.  They just know.  I had that same feeling in my gut, but it was desiring a different culture, language, people and place.

In April 2017, I officially quit my corporate job, sold most of my things, and began a new adventure. I moved to to Medellin, Colombia with plans to travel long term volunteering, networking and building some outline of a business.  Welp, 1 year later and I've spent 11 of those months in Medellin.  The other month was Mexico City (which I plan to head to soon and it's amazing).


I couldn't be happier with my decision and new life path.

I've been forced to learn a new language, have fallen in love with salsa dancing and met a whole slew of people who have inspired me more than you can imagine.  I'm starting to *really* build a freelance business and am *really* enjoying being creative.

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Want to see one of the reason's I love Colombia? Take a look at a video I made about my time spent doing one of my passions ... SALSA DANCING!