How To Extend Your 90 Day Colombian Tourist Visa Online

How To Extend Your 90 Day Colombian Tourist Visa Online

Looking To Extend Your Colombian Tourist Visa For 90 More Days?

It's important to note that as it stands today - tourists from United States, Canada and most of Europe are allowed to stay in Colombia for 180 days out of a calendar year.

However, if you want to stay 6 months consecutively you will need to extend your tourist visa. Likely, when you entered the country you received a 90 day stamp.

But now that you've fallen in love with Colombia and you're 90 days is nearing, you likely want to stay 90 more.  Therefore you need to extend your tourist visa online by an additional 90 days.  And luckily, you can do it all online through this website. 


Once you arrive at the site, you'll want to choose "Permiso Temporal de Permanencia para Prorrogar Permanencia".



7 Important Things To Note

1. The English version of the site likely won't work.  You'll have to use the Spanish version and translate it through your Google Chrome Browser or Google Translate.

2. Make sure you complete the process at least 5 days before your initial 90 days expires.

3. You will have to upload a PDF of your passport page with your entry stamp and a PDF of the full passport page with your photo.  I did not submit proof I was leaving the country.  However, I have heard that sometimes it is required (although it does not state this on the website. Thank you government).  If you need "proof" of leaving the country, I often use Expedia or to "book" tickets.

Expedia has a 24 hour cancellation policy (with 95% of their partner airlines).  Best On Onward Ticket is a service that allows you to pay $12 and they provide a ticket, as well as canceling it on your behalf.  But they give ya the proof and that's all you need! In addition, one of my favorite blogs writes about a few other ways you can hack the system and make it look like you have onward travel.

4. Once you submit everything, you'll likely receive an email within 2 - 3 business days letting you know if you are or are not approved

5. If approved, like I was, the online credit card system to pay the fee is likely not working.  Print out the PDF they send you and take it to Banco Occidente.  Bring cash (96mil) and it's a very quick process.  If you're in Poblado, there is a Banco Occidente in a hotel next to Parque Presidenta.  The address is Carrera 43A #7-50B, Medellín, Antioquia.

6. Keep the proof of payment or PDF they give you! When you do leave the country, you'll need to show it to immigration.

7. I've had friends overstay their 90 day Visa without extending and just pay a bigger fee at the airport.  While I don't recommend this, all of my friends have paid around 40o mil (about $150 US Dollars) but also told they can't return to Colombia till the following year.  So plan accordingly.

If you are not approved, you will likely have to head to the Migration Office (in Belen).  Make an appointment before you go. 

Any other questions? Colombia tourist stamp/visa rules can change quite often, so let me know about your experiences in the comments below so I can update the article.

And if you happen to be staying in Medellin, I wrote a great guide about the 23 things I learned my first 100 days living here! Check it out. 


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