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How To Make Friends In Medellin

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Traveling and/or moving to a new place is not easy. One of the things that scared me the most about living abroad – was the fear of NOT making new friends. After 11 months living in Medellin, Colombia I can honestly say it’s never been this easy to meet new people. The Colombians, the expats,Read more

How To Extend Your 90 Day Colombian Tourist Visa Online

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Looking To Extend Your Colombian Tourist Visa For 90 More Days? It’s important to note that as it stands today – tourists from United States, Canada and most of Europe are allowed to stay in Colombia for 180 days out of a calendar year. However, if you want to stay 6 months consecutively you willRead more

Teaching With VIP Kid: The 7 Props You Need To Get Started

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I know a lot of us are super busy, so if you’re just here to quickly learn about the props I consider essential to work online and teach English VIPKid – here they are! Headset A Background For Your Classroom  Dry Erase Board & Markers Puppets Funny Hats & Glasses Flashcards Floor Lamp If you’reRead more

Living in Medellin: 23 Things I Learned in 100 Days

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Medellin, Colombia is quickly becoming the go-to spot for tourism, entrepreneurship and the digital nomad crowd. If you’ve done research about this city, there’s no doubt you’ve seen your fair share of lists explaining how and why folks chose Medellin (I even wrote my own blog about the 5 reasons I moved to Medellin). YouRead more

Tejo: The Cornhole of Colombia

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  Growing up in the Midwest of the United States, cornhole (or bags) was commonplace at backyard BBQs and graduation parties. I had always enjoyed rounding up friends and competitors alike, easily playing for hours.  So you can imagine my excitement when I found a local Colombian game called Tejo (pronounced TE-HO) with glaring similaritiesRead more

Why Colombian People are the Nicest in the World

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Before I had landed in Medellin, I was embraced by a local Paisa. The flight from Miami to Medellin is a short three hours.  As I awoke from my catnap with 30 minutes of flight time remaining, I was handed a bag of pretzels by the lady to my right.  This act of kindness prompted me to strike upRead more

How Egg Freezing Gave Me The Freedom to Travel The World

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I had the pleasure of doing an interview with the fertility blog Eggsperience and shared my personal story about how freezing my eggs and preserving my fertility has given me the freedom to take on a new journey. Quitting my job to travel the world. Egg freezing is a sophisticated technology that allows a womanRead more

The 5 Reasons I’m Moving to Medellin

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Last week, I quit my corporate medical sales job in the fertility industry and made the decision to travel full time while simultaneously building my own travel blog and business. Since making the official announcement, many have asked where I am going and what city I will start in.  I am spending the first 12Read more